Java Interview Module MasterClass

Java Interview Module MasterClass

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This Course Includes :

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Objectives :
  • The ONE  AND ONLY objective of this course is to enhance your CORE JAVA knowledge to such a level that you can excel in any JAVA  BASED INTERVIEW.
  •  Whether you are a fresher or highly experienced professional, CORE JAVA  plays a vital role in any Java/JEE interview.
  • It  is the favorite area in most of the interviews and plays a crucial role in deciding the outcome of your interview.
  • This course comes directly from Team SCA’s 20+ years experience of Java programming and lots of interviewing experience.
  • We all know that recently Java 14 has been released and we have upgraded this course  to include top questions from the latest releases as well.

Prerequisites :

  • Since this course aims at preparing you for the Java Interview so you must be familiar with JSE i.e. CORE JAVA .

—You must have written some code based upon the most basic Java topics like:

  • Java Fundamentals: Data Types ,Operators, Control Statement

  • Arrays & String

  • Fundamentals Of Object Oriented Programming

Why Should You Take This Course? :

—This course aims at providing you 3 important benefits :

  • To deeply understand all the complex concepts in Java
  • The course will make you CONFIDENT in your INTERVIEW because you will know that you can answer the question more accurately
  • Most importantly , if you are planning to go for our JAVA PROJECT Batch or JAVA FRAMEWORKS Batch then this course will lay the foundation for them too.

How The Course Is Structured? :

—The course is structured in such a way that it will:

  • Refresh your Java concepts
  • Fill the gaps in most crucial Java topics like OOP Concepts, Interfaces, Run Time Polymorphism, Collections ,Generics , Strings etc.

  • Apart from covering the CORE topics of JAVA , we will also cover  the most important new features introduced from Java 7 to Java 14.

Course Walkthrough :

  • Module 1 : Java Basics
  • Module 2: Object class, Wrapper Classes & Inner Classes
  • Module 3: Arrays & Strings With Advance Concepts
  • Module 4: OOP In Depth With Advance Concepts
  • Module 5: Exception Handling With Enhanced Features
  • Module 6: Collections And Generics With Advance Concepts
  • Module 7: New & Important Features From Java 7 to Java 14
  • Module 8: JVM Architecture , Memory Areas & Garbage Collection
  • Module 9: Multithreading
  • Module 10: Design Patterns
  • Module 11: Most Frequently Asked Programming Puzzles

                     Mr. Sachin Kapoor
 Check free icon    Mr. Sachin Kapoor is a  senior trainer with an experience of more  than 20 very long years.
Check free icon     He has trained more  than 2,00,000 students till date.
Check free icon     He actively interacts with approximately 8000 new students every year.
Check free icon     Mr. Sachin has  been teaching programming languages since  2000 .

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